FiberPasta is a dietetic pasta having the same pleasant taste as traditional Italian pasta, despite containing 15% of fibre, that means more than twice the amount of fibre of dark whole-wheat pasta. FiberPasta is made with 98% durum wheat and the addition of 2% inulin (prebiotic soluble fibre).

A high fibre diet helps people with DIABETES, OVERWEIGHT, CHOLESTEROL and CONSTIPATION.

The high FiberPasta fibre content:
– delays carbohydrate absorption and helps control weight and cholesterol level
– increases the sensation of satiety with no swelling in the belly
– improves intestinal functions and helos reducing constipation problems
– helps reduce the glycemic peak
– provides you more energy for a long time, thanks to the slow carbohydrate absorption and is very useful for sport diets




In the year 2001 FiberPasta was approved by the Italian Ministry of Health as being “food suitable for people suffering from the troubles of glucose metabolism (diabetes)

We inform all consumers that, because of the new European Food Law – (EU ) 609/2013 “on food for special medical purposes” stating that no food product can be declared for diabetic people, as of July 20, 2016 on all new FiberPasta packaging we had to remove the claim ” Suitable for Diabetics ” despite our low glycemic index pasta was certified by the Italian Ministry of Health as a suitable or diabetics people and has always been recommended by diabetologists and nutritionists in diabetic diets. Therefore, we had to comply with the new European Food Law by removing the claim on the packages. We remain available for further information by contacting us by phone +39 0731605841 and email .