What about the glycemic index of FiberPasta?

FiberPasta can be considered a low glycemic index product, as it has a G.I. of 23,5. You can see the FiberPasta Glycemic Index Report made by the Specialization School in Food Sciences and Nutrition of  the University of Ancona.

If you regularly eat FiberPasta instead of traditional pasta, can you loose weight?

For people who need to loose weight, the regular use of FiberPasta instead of traditional pasta is really effective. We tested this product on overweight persons: regularly eating 100g of FiberPasta daily (within the context of a balanced dietand lifestyle) they lost about 3 kg just after the first month, and without any sacrifice. Check the Scientific_Report_San_Camillo_Forlanini_Diabetes_Department

Is FiberPasta suggested for treating gestational diabetes?

FiberPasta is recommended to help women with gestational diabetes, whose main treatment is following a diet rich in low G.I. foods. The high fibre content of FiberPasta slows down carbohydrate absorption  and reduces the glycemic peak.

Is FiberPasta indicated to treat constipation?

FiberPasta is very useful to treat constipationa very widely spread problem nowadays. Eating enough fibre is the most important key to treating constipation. FiberPasta contains 15% fibre (more than twice the fibre as whole-wheat pasta). The amount of fibre also includes inulin fibre: inulin is an excellent soluble dietary fibre that promotes digestive health and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria in the colon.  While you increase your fiber intake, you should drink enough fluid in order to maintain adequate hydration the body.

Is FiberPasta suitable for children?

Yes, it is. A diet rich in fibre is recommended for children in order to fight against childhood obesity and diabetes. It is often difficult to persuade children to eat vegetables (as children’s fibre intake), so FiberPasta can replace the lack of fibre. Only take care of the recommended daily fibre intake for children.